10 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads

Google Ads or Google AdWords, a service you pay for that will rank your business among the first results on the search page. You probably noticed those results that have “ad” written by them — that’s Google Ad. It’s a great digital marketing strategy that will target specific customers for your brand based on what they are searching for.

With Google Ads, you can go for three goals: bring more visitors to the store, have more calls to your business, and/or increase visits to your website. However, there are more benefits than these, and these 10 reasons why you should use Google Ads highlight the most important things about this marketing tool.

1. Google is a widely used search engine

Let’s start with an obvious fact and that’s Google being responsible for over 3.3 trillion searches per year or nine billion per day. Everyone heard of Google and uses it on their computers, phones, and tablets to find what interests them using terms known to SEO experts as ‘keywords.’ These keywords help build your digital marketing campaign that can significantly help a business grow and expand its customer base.

2. Perfect for targeting

Google Ads gives you options to create a campaign that will target the right audience. You can input interests, demographics, location, language, and preferences for your desired audience. This will create keyword-specific ads so only those interested in your brand will see them.

Another benefit is you can also target again those visitors that came to your website and left without doing anything, like taking a certain action or making a purchase. Search engine optimization or SEO is crucial to create an appropriate digital marketing strategy for your business on a comprehensive level.

3. It’s a flexible advertising

Depending on your marketing objectives, Google AdWords offers different actions to choose from. For example, you can use it to reach customers that live in a specific location or that use certain devices to search the web. You can pause Google Ads when needed and make instant changes whenever you want, giving you the freedom to deal with technical issues when they arise. Moreover, if you decide to stop using this marketing tool, you can do so instantly without prior notice or complications.

4. You have full control of the budget

Since it also allows you to set a budget that you are comfortable with and not have any additional costs, it’s an easy and comfortable way to advertise. When starting Google AdWords management, you will have the option to set the budget for your ad campaign. This can be for the whole campaign or daily costs, but you will not spend more than you stated. Such an adjustable budget gives you full control of the money part, allowing you to increase or decrease the sum as you see fit.

5.  It brings a high ROI

A high return on investment or ROI is not something you get from other types of advertising strategies. This happens because Google Ads charges you only for the ads that were clicked on, but there is a catch. To find the perfect marketing approach for your business, you need to test and monitor your campaign regularly and at all times.

Doing so will give you insights into which parts of the campaign to invest more in and which to cancel or slow down. Since it involves the analysis of data and optimization to improve your goals, you won’t waste your money on bad marketing campaigns.

6. Results are transparent and fast

The reason many love Google AdWords is it provides straightforward results and does it fast. Having all the reports in one place early on, like what keywords attracted the most visitors and which ads they clicked, shows how strong is your campaign.

This type of transparency makes this marketing tool intuitive and quantifiable, giving you concrete information that will help you improve your advertising strategy immediately. In a nutshell, you won’t waste time and money, but be able to correct unsatisfactory elements and introduce new ones for better results.

7. It’s easy to measure

As mentioned, analyzing data that comes from your marketing campaign will help you improve the direction of the said campaign. It’s only possible because Google Ads provides easily measurable results if you opt to have conversion tracking on your website. For instance, you will know how many visitors came to your website by clicking on the ad and buying something. Finding out the click-through rate and other data will give you an idea of what to fix to have more customers arriving and buying your products or services.

8.  You will build brand awareness

Every new business needs some boost to build its brand awareness. Google AdWords gives you options to create an online presence that will lead future customers to your website. By increasing brand awareness, you reach the target audience locally and internationally, gaining momentum to build trust and loyalty. Since the data you receive is transparent, fast, and controllable, you can adapt them as necessary to prioritize brand awareness.

9.  Google Ads and SEO work well together

You should have both SEO and Google Ads strategy. One doesn’t exclude the other and having both can bring more benefits to your business. For example, Google Ads will bring visitors to your website faster, giving you a head start with advertising until SEO starts to bring results. It takes a few months for your keyword to show up on the search engine result page and stay there. By that time, you will already have an established brand awareness with Google Ads and have SEO take it from there.

10. You can choose between various ad formats and targeting options

Google Ads will not only give you an advantage when someone is using Google to search. It can give you access to other platforms where you can advertise your brands, like the Display Network and YouTube. With so many ad placement options you can use more than one format for your ads, for example, video and images, as well as choose more targeting options.

In conclusion

These 10 reasons why you should use Google Ads outline the basic principles that can bring more customers or audiences your way. Consider using this advertising tool at the same time as your SEO campaign so you can immediately experience the benefits of digital marketing. The good news is that SEO agencies also offer to handle your Google AdWords campaigns so make sure to hire them for that as well.