3 Ways to Download Software for Free

Downloading free software on the internet has become a very common phenomenon nowadays. People prefer to download a pirated and free version of software rather than paying money for it. While it is in a sense illegal to do so, but people still follow the process. There are certain Warez sights on the internet from where one can easily download software for free. A warez site is one where pirated software is distributed over the internet. The hackers crack codes and remove them to make the software accessible to everyone. One of the top warez website is So here are some ways using which you can download software for free

  • Free Download from Any Website or Warez Site

Many top warez sites are present on the internet that the free version of many software. Some of these websites also provide crack code to the software. All that is to be done is that you have to download the file from the respective website and then install it in on your device. The crack code is to be pasted on the root file of the software after which you can successfully use the software hassle-free. The major difference between a normal download and a torrent download is that direct website downloads are from a single source while torrents are peer to peer which allows the clients a two-way download process, both from the source and the peer.

  • Download from Torrent 

The second way out to download software for free is via Torrent. A torrent is a file that is sent via BitTorrent protocol. The variety of downloads can vary from movies & songs to the software. To be able to download a torrent file, you first need to have uTorrent of BitTorrent. Once you have any of these installed, you can visit any torrent site, where you will see a list of categories from which you need to choose the software category. After that, you can select the software you want to download and then it will get downloaded along with the crack code. 

  • Free Trial Version

The legal option to use any software for free is to download it n use it in its free trial period. You can use almost all the features of the software but it is for a limited period. Another fun way of using software for free is that you take the software from someone via USB where you can use a crack code to use the software for free.

So these were some of the ways using which you could download software from the internet for free. Hopefully, it would help you.