7 Cute And Innocent Emojis About Babies And Motherhood

Emoji continues to develop and already features a lot of emoticons of all kinds: smileys, animals, plants, symbols, and many more. Emojis are created for all sorts of age, race, religion, and so much more. Emojis have become more diverse and have adapted to more kinds of cultures all over the world.

If you are a mother or a parent who expects a child or already has one, then there is a set of emojis for you to use to express yourself as a parent. Emojis are created to show oneself to other people or a community. Here is the cute and innocent emojis you can use to share your parenting life:

Baby Angel Emoji

If you are a mother or a childcare provider, you recognize the difficulty of caring for a kid in various ways. It consumes your strength, so eventually, your real existence won’t change. You believe your parents or your grandparents are gods. This feeling with baby angel emoji could be beautifully articulated. 

Tell someone regarding their experiences that you can’t sit tight for them to hold your kids once you come done. You love kids, regardless of how bad they might be. Using this baby angel emoji and everyone would immediately understand your genuine thoughts.

Baby Emoji

This sweet baby emoji is all about little adolescent bursts of happiness. This Emoji implies somebody expects a kid, just had a kid, posts a sweet baby snapshot, or takes care of a weeping tiny wee child all day. 

This baby emoji can be intended for your significant partner in place of the baby as a symbol of commitment. On the opposite, they are often used as an offense because they say someone that is immature or behaves like a child.

Breast-feeding Emoji

This Emoji is a female who breasts a boy, looks down and smiles at moments. This Emoji endorses modifications of the mother’s skin color. It is suggested that the baby’s head be tucked away to prevent a circumstance in which the baby’s skin color only corresponds to the mom’s skin color.

Baby Bottle Emoji

The Emoji applies to youngsters or child drink, but not always literally food, like a baby bottle overflowing with milk. Baby bottle emoji is often used to denounce the childishness of a person. The baby bottle emoji has milk inside of it. It’s important to know when to use this emoji to fit the situation. 

Pregnant Woman Emoji

The emoji representation for a pregnant mother is the picture of a female standing and carrying her bigger belly. This pregnant woman emoji is often associated with a derogatory meaning that applies to an obese individual. Pregnant Emoji Woman could even imply that a person is pregnant is overweight, or that she looks like a pregnant lady to attack someone or a buddy personally.

Baby Symbol Emoji

This emoji is a sign of an infant. This baby symbol emoji is used to signify a space for changing the diapers of an infant. This icon is sometimes used in or around public toilets or a kindergarten. This Emoji could mean “for babies only.”

This emoji displays a man feeding an infant with a bottle of milk and is looking towards the baby. The emoji can feature several skin tones. However, the baby’s face or skin color will not be shown, so it will not necessarily have the same skin tone as the parent. 

It is to show respect to parents who adopt a child that isn’t biologically related to them. It is a man, instead of a woman, since it is also possible that a man is the only one raising the child without the mother.

A Glass of Milk Emoji

This Emoji features a tall glass with milk that is half-full or three-fourths full. It does not necessarily mean that the liquid is made from cows. It could also be milk from other mammals or perhaps from plants or nuts, like almonds. The glass of milk is also used as a symbol for a child or toddler.

Usually, milk is associated with children because it is the most common beverage or milk a child can drink. It could also symbolize non-alcoholic adults who prefer drinking beverages that have no alcohol content.

Cupcake Emoji

This Emoji is a cupcake inside a liner followed by a whirl of white frosting and icing. The cupcake aesthetic differs broadly between platforms. The cake can be sponge or cream, white or pink icing, and rainbow or purple splashing. This Emoji is associated with children since cupcakes are the most popular desserts children eat or can be seen at children’s parties.


There are a lot of reasons why we use emojis. Users could say what they imagine, or what they genuinely think about a particular issue or problem. Many emojis are created to express ourselves differently: whether you are sad or angry, or just feeling a little over the moon. Emojis are also used for other purposes aside from expressing feelings, like brand emoji.