Better Manage Your Employees – Work Examiner Employee Monitoring Software

Have you ever thought about the productivity monitor software tool? What is so good about monitoring your employees? Well, employee monitoring is nothing but a method for actively monitoring. This is commonly used by businesses for preventing and avoiding any kind of costly breaches in data, boosting employee interactions, and even optimizing the inefficient workforce.

With employee monitoring tactics, it is easy for organizations to reduce risk and gain more profits. Not only that it provides companies an overall picture of how the work is done, especially in and out of the office.

Kinds of Employee Monitoring

The advancement in the field of technology has created a huge amount of options in terms of software for monitoring virtual employees. A decade ago, various employees were monitored while they were in the office. In 2016, studies show that about 43% of employees around the world worked from home. Also, with the changes in how work is getting done, companies have realized the importance of remote working and monitoring the daily work.

Some of the ways to monitor employees are-

1) Computer Activities

Just like monitoring the internet, there are certain programs that allow employers to monitor desktop application usage. Here data collected can be presented in a detailed report manner, where how much time is dedicated to people in doing productive work can be highlighted.

2) Email & Internet

Frankly, working without an internet connection is just like driving in rush hour traffic. You would accomplish what you are trying to do but it will be full of slowdowns and full stops. No doubt, emails are quite commonly used in various offices. Email messages are often considered official documents by law.

3) Keylogging

Keystore logging or keylogging is the method that records the keys which a user types on a keyboard. Such a program can easily capture the screenshots as and when needed. The primary usage of this is to narrow the search field while collecting data.

For example, it can be very easy to handle and find out if there is any kind of harassment and bullying. This screenshot will trigger various languages used in such situations and alert the management if there is a serious issue.

Finding Out Unrealized Revenue from Fully Engaged Teams

Studies show that 67% of workers worldwide are not engaged in the workplace for many reasons. The report done by Gallup clearly states that people that can’t use their strengths end up being less productive,  lack any kind of creativity, and won’t develop a positive relationship with coworkers. Such employees feel miserable with their employers or companies. Ultimately they become disengaged in their work.