Content Planning Trends for 2022

Content marketing is one of the core components of any modern business seeking a wider reach online. With content marketing, you can reach millions of people without spending money on ads. But for your content marketing strategy to be successful, you have to predict and leverage the internet and social media content trends. In 2022, web design will remain vital to content marketing. Here are the top content planning trends for 2022.

Video Content Marketing

A September 2021 report by Statista noted that 3.1 billion people viewed digital video content around the world, while nearly $50 billion was spent on video ads. This simple report emphasizes the importance of video marketing. The rise of platforms such as TikTok has exploded video content; but for your website, video element is still a crucial requirement. You can summarize your services and products in a short video for visitors.

AI and VR

There is a growing interest in artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and modern websites now offer visitors the choice of a VR experience. Modern web design also incorporates AI-assisted customer service and analytics to help businesses create effective marketing strategies. AI and VE content will help more websites to gain traction in 2022.

Voice Search Optimization

Traditional search bars changed the game for websites, but voice search is pushing the search feature to a new level. In 2022, we can expect more use of intelligent voice search. To stay competitive, your website should be optimized for voice search so that visitors can quickly find content.

Live and Virtual Events

Across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, content creators use live events to promote their brands and businesses. In 2022, more brands will use live events hosted on their websites to draw more traffic and reach potential customers. Virtual events will also play a prominent role in content marketing in 2022.

Empathic Content

To drive sales up, more businesses will use content that empathizes with their audience. Companies pay billions of dollars for content creators and copywriters to help them reach new and old clients, and empathic content is a great tool to achieve that goal.

Web design plays a significant role in the success of content marketing. It is important that the traffic (visitors) brought to your website have a pleasant first-time experience; first impression matters. You need to hire professional web developers as you create a content marketing plan for 2022 for your website to witness significant growth.