Cybersecurity at the next level: Check these steps!

Recent security breaches have forced companies, regardless of industry, niche and other factors, to take cybersecurity on priority. They have no choice but to keep up with security requirements and stay compliant to applicable rules, laws and regulations. However, cybersecurity is more than just about compliance. It is more about addressing every security vulnerability and fixing issues, before cybercriminals find them. In this post, we are sharing things that can help in enhancing and taking cybersecurity to the next level. 

Spend more on cybersecurity training

Employees are eventually handling your IT resources, whether it’s about keeping a check on IP cameras at the workplace, or penetration testing and scans of networks. Devices like computers and other products are being managed by them, and their awareness about cybersecurity does matter over everything else. As a company, you need aware and extremely cautious employees, who are not merely aware of cybersecurity, but are also proactive in their respective roles. 

Hire ethical hackers

You may have noticed how some of the biggest organizations, including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, have their own bounty programs. Bug bounty programs utilize the expertise of the security community. This basically means, you are allowing white-hat hackers to deliberately attempt to hack into networks, so that vulnerabilities can be found and fixed. In return, ethical hackers get paid a bounty. This is one of the better and advanced cybersecurity measures to consider. 

Focus on scans and testing

Network scanning and penetration testing can be handy in preventing breaches, because then, your company is keeping an eye on any kind of activity that may mean hacking or can lead to a breach. Penetration testing is more than important for every business that operates in a complex IT environment or relies on hybrid networks. 

Use extra measures for password protection

Besides using strong and long passwords, it is absolutely wise and important to use other measures. For instance, for preventing brute force attacks, you may want to consider using the lockout feature. Then, there is multifactor authentication, which could be related to having a security question, or sometimes, use of biometrics, especially when it comes to privilege users. 

Final word

There is no denying that cybersecurity is all about being proactive, and every step does matter in the process. Learn from your competitors, stay a step ahead of others, and think of cybersecurity as an integral part of your business operations.