Dealing with your Overactive Mind for Tech Career Growth

Having an overactive mind might have some positive attributes to it. However, people should take note that if it is overactive all the time then that’s a totally different story. People who overthink tend to have a tendency to trot out the overwhelming thoughts. Here are some useful tips which you can approach to handle the frenzy of thoughts that keeps you up all night. Having an overactive mind is quite common especially for tech employees who have tons of code running in their head especially if they were unable to complete a certain program.

Find Individuals Who You Can Genuinely Talk To

Finding people who you can actually “vibe” with isn’t rocket science however it is indeed hard. There are multiple aspects which you need to observe when looking for people who you can communicate with on a daily basis. Some people might tend to be the right people to hang out with but are actually having different opinions as you. They don’t have to be affiliated to the tech industry as you especially if your job is what is causing your problems.

Imagine this, it’s already 11pm in the evening and you suddenly have a random thought coming into your head. No matter how much you try it gets stuck. So you call an authentic friend and talk to them about your ideas and thoughts. You eventually talk for an hour and then feel the fulfillment that your thoughts have been shared. It’s not algebra. The basic formula is look for people who have the same mindset as you which you can genuinely have intensive conversations with.

With a well-rested and clear mind you will be able to be more productive in your career at tech.

Channel Your Thoughts into Different Type of Art

One of the easiest things which you can do to help calm your overactive mind is to channel your thoughts and ideas into different types of art. This includes paintings, creating music, writing poems and so much more. It has been scientifically proven that painting relieves stress and helps one’s mind relax.

One of the most calming things when you are having tons of emotions is writing poetry or writing a song. So, the next time you have a bad day instead of raging it out on your thoughts having a mental battle with yourself you can instead vent it out through this type of art.

Evidently, you will be able to control when you need to have an overactive mind and when you can let your mind relax through this method. You will feel satisfaction and at the same time you have produced something beautiful.

Manage Your Time Doing Tasks Appropriately

One of the most satisfying thins which you can easily accomplish is to manage your time properly. The Pomodoro technique has been one of the most efficient methods to quickly grasp this. It involves breaking down your work into smaller parts and taking breaks in between. This will help you relax your mind and perform better at your job.

You can use the aid of a Pomodoro Timer to help you attain the best results. With proper usage and good time management you will get less stress and more rest.


The mind is indeed a very powerful thing. Some people might have gentle and sound minds which they can work and tolerate with but there are literally humans in existence which have overactive minds. An overactive mind might be beneficial especially if you are working on your next marketing campaign, or debugging your code but there are limitations on which it should be activated. Follow these tips, stay healthy, and hustle hard!