Different Types of DVI cables and connectors

Digital Video Interface (DVI) can rather be called as an upgraded version of VGA. Ever since the coming in of 1991, the DVI took over VGA and has contributed to being popular since this. These cables are aimed at helping you connect a video source to any display. Well, it is necessary to determine that there are different technologies available in the market. All these developments in technology have only contributed to making the task easier.

The different types of cables and connectors

DVI-Analog (DVI-A) is based in analog format and is supported by 17 pins. They are used to carry analog signals but the drawback is that it does not have dual-link support. Some of them may have VGA signals but there are few alterations too. If you are connecting it, you will need a DVI-A type monitor. However, you may need DVI-A cables but they are rare. You may find a wide range of cables but to find a DVI-A cable is extremely tough

DVI-Integrated (DVI-I) cables are designed for both, analog and digital signals thereby helping you bring about a huge change. The DVI-I usually has single links and some of them have 23 pins while the sole of them have 29 dual-link connectors. The DVI-I cables not only accept the analog signals but digital as well thereby proving to be one of the best ones. The DVI-I connectors can undoubtedly work with all types of DVI cables. Since they can work with all types of connectors most people prefer working with it.

DVI-Digital (DVI-D) cables are one of the most prominent types since they can provide the transfer of video signals. In the three rows, there are 8 pins. It comes with a dual-link type with 24+1 pins. If you are using that of single links, there are 18pins in total with a ground pin (18+1). One of the best benefits of using these cables is DVI-D and DVI-I connectors as well.

DVI cables have become an important part of today’s world. You need to prefer choosing the cable types and proceed with the connector that suits the best. Since there are different types of cables available in the market you may need to proceed accordingly.

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