Email deliverability: top 3 tips to improve email deliverability

Improving email deliverability is an eternal gap for those involved in advertising and sales using email. On the surface, everything looks very simple – enter addresses and do a mass mailing. But in practice, e-mail services and providers impose many logical restrictions from their point of view. This is how they are trying to protect their clients from the excessive influence of spam.

These limitations also apply to companies that actually work to send segmented, high quality newsletters to potentially interested users.

There are several metrics by which email delivery problems are determined, with a big impact on deliverability being:

  • the number of spam complaints received;
  • the content of the email;
  • sending many emails in each period of time.

A detailed guide to email deliverability and improving the conditioning of email newsletters has been done on behalf of the experts at Reply. They carefully analyzed the market and gave their useful recommendations.

We, in turn, will also touch on a few useful recipes for improving the quality of email deliverability to customers.

Make it very simple and understandable: organization of subscriptions

The process of subscribing to emails should be intuitive and easy to understand for everyone who visits the company website or social network account. In this way, you can form a circle of subscribers who are interested in the product or service.

Trying to gather a mass of disinterested people into address lists and thinking that this will help in the distribution of the product is extremely naive. On the contrary – unnecessary emails that nobody reads will just clutter up the mailboxes of customers. And in addition, create a negative reputation for the company email address, lowering its rating and reducing resources for future promotional campaigns.

Avoid spam words

To keep emails from going into spam, you need to choose your subject line and content carefully. Words and phrases that are too promising and too sensational should be avoided. For example, it is better not to insert spam words or phrases containing the terms “free”, “sale”, “deal”, “offer”, “purchase”, etc. into the subject line. These words are easy targets for spam filters and can drastically reduce email deliverability.

Use links

Email messages should contain links to increase conversion rates. Adding links can also be useful for emails that require an immediate response, such as requesting a bill payment or acting to re-register.