Evolve In The New Ways Of Product Marketing For Hong Kong Local Businesses

The main objective of marketing in Hong Kong has always been linking to sales i.e. When you are able to keep selling your product on a consistent basis, you have already done well with marketing in the Hong Kong market. Many local businesses in Hong Kong have been able to do this well for many years until the internet and mobile era has arrived.

The used-to-be local businesses that have been doing so well have been suffering or downsizing in the recent years. To turn this problem around, they will have to adapt to the new ways of marketing that includes the main parts and most parts in digital marketing. The main objective of the new ways of marketing is to research and promote the product. The digital marketing operation must have methods to increase your HK audience engagement which will eventually selling your product.

The channels where Hong Kong users or your target audience may be able to reach your product include the major search engines (such as Google and Yahoo), social media sites/platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), email lists, industry specific forums, blogging platforms (such as Medium, etc), and more.

Getting the search engine optimization work done for your company website and company blog is important, and you will likely need an experience SEO expert to lead the project. The SEO project nowadays isn’t simply about doing the technical work on your website, but it will involve building a set of reports that are to monitor the performance of the SEO project as a whole. The data that has to be monitored include web traffic that are coming to your site and blog from the major search engines, the organic rankings of your web pages in the search engines, and more. You should also be able to work out the correlation among ranking, traffic, and online leads (or sales).

Getting involved on the major social media such as Facebook can certainly pay off your product marketing effort. After all, social media sites/platforms nowadays are where the majority of people would have gone. Especially in Hong Kong where many of your target audience would have been using Facebook while your daily social media post is published. It is important to make a plan for posting and repurposing your content across all the major social media platforms to achieve the maximum effect.

When you are focused in marketing your product, you will have to involve in solving problems for customers, making strategic plans, working with a bigger team (who may include in-house co-workers and third-party agency partners), making difficult decisions (such as leaving out a few product features), presenting the overall marketing plan to management, identifying the local HK target audience, researching the Hong Kong local markets, analyzing the performance of the product and marketing operations, and more.


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