Exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic: Cyber security breaches that won’t disappear in 2021

The 2020 has been one of the most tumultuous and eventful year in modern history leading to seismic changes across industries. The cyber security has been one of the biggest victims of these uncertain times with a massive spike in cybercrime and various threat levels to different aspects of digital security. The increased level of threat has forced the enterprises and corporations to adapt their security mechanism and strategies accordingly for the newer challenges in the shifting landscape of COVID-19 pandemic.

The biggest threats and breaches which are likely to be around in the new year

The chaos of the modern times caused by different events and one of the worst pandemics has led to some malicious and serious breaches in the form of ransomware, insider threats, remote working, travel and phishing attacks amongst others. Let us have a brief look at some of these breaches and how it has impacted the digital world.

Ransomware: The ransomware is one of the most common attacks or threat facing the enterprises today. The number of ransomware attacks grew sharply in the past year raising serious concerns about digital security and ways to tackle this threat. One of the bio-technology company in California lost critical data including research due to the ransomware attack on its systems.

Insider threat: The insider threats are a big concern for most of the companies and most of the organizations consider accidental breaches or insider threats as more common in comparison to the external attacks. The insider breaches that are enabled through remote working are not necessarily malicious but sometimes that they can be just a result of careless work. For instance, the UK Prime Minister accidentally shared the desktop screenshot which displayed the ID of a significant internal meeting of the government. Even though it was password protected but it provided an important reminder on how vulnerabilities are created and the need for extreme caution when dealing with the digital aspects of the daily operations.

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