Guide To Installing Ink Cartridges In A Printer

Who could have wondered that printers would form such a crucial part of our lives? Since the invention of papers, the way we store information and share information has changed drastically. Paper, in the past, rendered stone tablets, leather scrolls and leaves obsolete. It was a revolutionary idea to invent paper.

However, with evolution, the way we interact with paper too has changed. Today, printers and papers have been welded to each other. In almost all professional premises, you would find a plethora of printers. Even the households of today have printers. This trend is bound to continue tomorrow. 

Those who have printers know the struggle of buying inks and cartridges for printers. Rushing into a store and searching for the right ink cartridge is such a task and it becomes more frustrating when you find that after looking into the heap of cartridges, the cartridge that you want is out of stock. 

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Step by step procedure to putting ink in the printer

Many of the new owners of printers are oblivious to the process of installing ink in their printers and thus, when they run out of ink, they find themselves in a fix. If you are one of such new users, then this article will tell you how to install ink the right way in your printer. 

1- Open the ink tray which is in the centre of your printer- an HP Deskjet will have a top lid that is dedicated to scanning documents. Just beneath that lid lie the components and the tray which are above the output tray. When you open this tray, ensure that the printer is plugged in and turned on so that the ink compartments appear in view. 

2- When you take out the ink cartridge from the printer you will have to discard the old cartridges. When you press down on the ink cartridges, it will detach them from the printer. Some printers have dedicated ink cartridges for each colour. In that case, pop out the cartridge, which is supposed to be replaced. 

3- Unpack the new ink cartridge and remove its protective tabs. Avoid touching the copper-coloured area of the cartridge or the ink nozzles. 

4- Insert the new cartridge by sliding it in the ink slot. The ink nozzle must face away from you. The colour cartridge goes on the left and the black one on the right side. 

5- Close the ink cartridge door and with that, you are done changing the ink.


Changing the ink cartridge is an easy task, but for those who are new to the process should take help if they are confused.