How the Links Really Work in SEO


The text of a link and around a link says something about the subject of the page. Suppose we make a link: Link building tips for 400+ backlinks. You can buy backlinks  and find the following results.

What would the article be about?

It makes sense that the article would then be about link building and getting backlinks. This is why Google looks at this piece of text, the anchor text.

All SEOs found out about that, so what did Google do?

It came with an update: The Google Penguin.

Because everyone is after the anchor text, the attention is immediately wrong.

Yes, the clickable part of the link still counts for your position, but if you prefer to link building with an eye to the future, focus your attention on the rest of the text.

Suppose you have developed a link builder tool or backlink checker, would you rather be on this page with a link to your tool than on a page about writing SEO texts?

  • Link building has changed a lot over the years. Link building is no longer the collective name for collecting as many links as possible and a good thing too.
  • Google makes dozens of updates every year  that affect the way Google looks at your website. This means that what works now could eventually cost you your head!
  • Don’t try to fool the system or focus on the big leaps fast home strategies. Do you want to score in Google now and have a good position in the future? Then choose the only right way of link building: not link building.

Good link building is not linkbuilding.

Let everything go automatically, Google says. When you earn links, you will automatically receive them. While this philosophy sounds great, it can be quite frustrating when you try hard, write new blogs all the time, stick to the rules, but don’t score.

Link building is simply part of it

How can you not build link building and still get backlinks? Create your own link building strategy and follow the 4 tips that we have used ourselves to collect thousands of backlinks for us and for our clients.

Create your own link building strategy in 4 steps

You will soon receive countless link building tips to shape your own strategy. This shaping your own strategy is the most important thing you can do. Do not blindly copy someone else’s strategy or tips. Dare to go your own way and never, and really never, be tempted to outsource link building or buy link build packages.

Why not?

Link building is a small part or result of a strategy or campaign. If your backlinks do not meet the RAT check, I can give you a note that you will be in serious trouble now or within a considerably short time.