How to Get Protection Against Few Common Phishing Attacks?

Nowadays phishing attacks have become very common phenomena and as per the data available for the year 2018, the volume of this attack has increased by 40.9 per cent.

Phishing attack and hacking vulnerability is mostly in the organizations and financial service companies and also among various online service providers.

In this small article, we shall discuss about few phishing attack and few tips to defend against such attacks.

  1. Deceptive phishing

In this kind of phishing, the fraudsters will attempt to impersonate any legitimate company and steal log-in details and personal data.

They usually will send an email to scare you and create sense of urgency among the users and direct them to do what they want. They may send certain link and request you to click on certain link.

  1. Spear phishing

In this kind of phishing, the fraudster will collect sufficient data about you and send an email addressing your name which will appear as if it has come from certain authenticated source.

They will also send certain link and request you to click on the link and their objectives are done. Sufficient awareness is necessary to keep yourself protected against such phishing.

  1. CEO fraud

Here target can be anybody in company and try to steal login data of certain senior executives.

They will try to impersonate any of the CEO or senior executive and also, they will have access to their emails.

To counter such threats the executives, need to be trained time to time and be aware how to get victim of such fraud.

  1. Vishing

Such kind of phishing attack will dispense by sending out email and also goes for making a direct phone call.

An attacker can easily perpetrate this kind of attack by using certain Voice over Internet Protocol server in order to mimic different entities for stealing sensitive data about important information or about funds.

  1. Smishing

Here the fraudster may send certain text message to your smart phone and ask you to click on certain link. As soon as you click then all your personal information will be accessed by them.

They may pose as if they are calling from your banker and any other similar organization and take you into confidence.

  1. Pharming

The awareness among people is increasing and therefore in this type of phishing, a new method is used. They will steal the domain name which you may be familiar with and try to cheat you.

To protect against such phishing, you must try to log in into the sites that are https protected.