Knowing The Best Word Counter Tool: Useful Tools That You Can Use In Word Count Tool

Writing articles and essays isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have the perfect tool to assist you. Word Count Tool has the ideal means to help you identify your word count, character count, and even allows you to have a better and understandable caption on your social media posts. Here are some of the most functional tools that you can get from Word Count Tool.

Character Counter

If you haven’t tried using the Word Count Tool, it’s basically a site that offers a wide range of writing tools such as Word Counts, Character Count, Scrabble Word Finder, Pomodoro Timer, and Mind Map, and other useful tools. Talking about the Character Counter, it provides the exact count of character you have on a specific sentence or paragraph.


The main role of the Character Counter is to help you streamline your social media post so that other social media users will better understand your point or message. Character Counter also provides additional features such as Character Counter Without Spaces, Facebook Character Count, Instagram, and Twitter Character Count.

Word Counter

The Word Count provides a precise number of words in your article or essay, which is very useful for writers to maintain a fair amount of words on the article or Novel that they are writing. Word count is also significant because readers have their preference, some may want to read long stories, and others don’t, which is why you need to know your readers.


Word Counter not only counts words; there are also other features that you can find under Word Counter like the Sentence Count and Paragraph Count. Talking about Sentence Count, this feature is handy, especially if you’re a writer and you want to have an idea how many sentences you’ve written; with this, you’ll be more productive on your work.


With Paragraph Count, it provides the exact count or number of paragraphs that you have. If you also want to know how many paragraphs a particular essay has, you can copy the whole article and paste it on the space provided to you. When you click on the Word Counter, you will see right away all of the available features that you can use for free.

Scrabble Word Finder

If you want to be an excellent Scrabble player, you hate losing with your friends and families. The Word Count Tool’s Scrabble Word Finder is the perfect tool to help you improve your Scrabble Skills. Others might say it’s cheating, but for you, using Scrabble Word Finder is just being practical.


How does the Word Count Tool’s Scrabble Word Finder work? It’s pretty simple; once you have a particular word in you, you have to type or input that specific word to Scrabbles Word Finder. If you haven’t tried using this feature, you need to click the Scrabble Word Finder, type the word on the rectangular box, and click submit. It’s fast, simple, and effortless.


Just a disclaimer, Word Count Tool’s Scrabble Word Finder, is getting its information from the official Scrabble dictionary made by Merriam-Webster. It means that local languages or words have a chance not to be found or identified by the Scrabble Word Finder system. Nevertheless, the Scrabble dictionary is vast, and you’ll still be winning your games.

Pomodoro Timer

If you’re having trouble managing your time well, here’s a unique time management technique made by Francesco Cirillo, and it’s called Pomodoro Technique. This Pomodoro technique was first invented in the 1980s, and it’s proved to be very useful in managing your time well, especially if you’re working.


There are also many apps right now or websites that offer this kind of time management technique or Pomodoro Technique, and Word Count Tool is one of those sites or apps that provides this kind of feature or tool. With Word Count Tool’s Pomodoro Timer, you can make use of the standard Pomodoro timer, and you can also make your timer.


If your problem is procrastination, with Word Count Tool’s Pomodoro Timer, that will never be a problem again. You have to go to Word Count Tool’s website and click on Pomodoro Timer. From there, you can use the Pomodoro timer wherein you will have a 25-minute cycle that has 5-minute in between breaks. After the fourth cycle, you’ll also have a 15-minute break.


The Custom Timer, wherein you can customize and do your time lengths and breaks. The third timer that you can use is the one-time timer, which is just a primary timer that you’ll get from your smartphone. The next time that you have a problem with time management use the Pomodoro Timer.


There’s no other site right now that offers the same features like the Word Count Tool. If you want to be productive about your time, or if you’re going to be aware of the quality of your essays or articles, Word Count Tool is the best choice to have right now.