Make Your Website Easily Compliant with The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin

Research states that one in every four adults in the USA has some kind of disability. This figure on its own should prompt owners of websites and businesses to ensure their sites are accessible to every user.

However, several small business owners do not have the budget nor the time to do this with manual techniques. Moreover, if you put the codes on the site by yourself, it will again break due to updates on your WordPress site.

Get an effective solution with the Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Businesses can get the solution they are searching for with the accessibe wordpress plugin that makes any business WordPress site accessible and fully compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

At the same time, you get a good hosting platform that syncs in well with your WordPress site. It helps you manage, update, optimize, and host your clients’ sites. There are several prices and plans you can opt for and choose for your needs.

Automated plugin, simple for you to install in minutes

This plugin is equipped with artificial intelligence technology and is automated in nature. This makes it simple for you to install on your site in minutes. Once you have installed the plugin, the widget for accessibility appears on the site. The AI technology scans and analyses your site. In under 48 hours, the site will be fully compliant. Even at this point, the AI-empowered tool will continue to scan the site every 24 hours for revised and new content to ensure it is fully compliant round the clock.

Saves a lot of time and money for your business

The best part of using this plugin is that you do not have to write even a single code, take weeks or even months to make your site fully compliant, or spend a lot of money on it. The process is so simple and convenient for you.

Simple for content browsing and navigation

The interface for web accessibility on this plugin is a UI adjustment tool that allows users on the web to adjust the design of the site to make it simple for navigation and content browsing. When users on the site choose a profile for accessibility, the interface automatically activates the adjustments relevant for use for the chosen disability. For instance, if any user chooses the Cognitive Disability Profile, the interface automatically begins to highlight links, titles, and stop animations. This interface is based on sessions.

With the accessibe wordpress plugin, users can also modify the site and be more granular. They can enable precise adjustments in major areas like content, orientation, color, and display. While this accessibility interface of the tool is visible to the user, its AI machine learning technology functions conveniently in the background. The AI-infused technology manages the complex adjustments in accessibility, like screen reader optimization, keyboard navigation, and more.

From the above, it is evident that the above tool gives you value for money, which is why it is so popular among small to large business owners today!