Mobile Apps for managing and maintaining Field Inspection Tasks

Mobile applications have become the way forward for all things in life today – everything that we know be it shopping, health, finances, banking, retail, self-management, work anything can be controlled using applications that are made by tech giants for android and iPhone users. 

All industries and their requirements when it comes to the various roles such as field managers, technicians, inspection officers, and many other jobs that completely run on data rely on applications these days to handle large volumes of information. 

This is why the data collection app is now very famous in the industry, as it can help in capturing large volumes of data, tabulate and organize it in checklists and forms and also efficiently store it for further usage. This data can then be used in the form of DBMS, where it can be queried as per requirement. 

What are Field Inspection Tasks?

All organizations that rely on major tasks that require complying with certain norms such as laws and policies of the government or the company may require regular inspections that help in ascertaining that all processes are happening as per laws and policies. This requires the role of field officers and technicians who carry out Field inspection tasks. 

Field Inspection involves the use of plenty of paperwork that helps in capturing data such as inspection criteria, checklists that contain vital information, reports that need to be filled in and submitted for verification, etc. 

Usually, these officers carry a set of paperwork for everyday inspections or for weekly inspections. These forms are filled in routinely every inspection by the field officers. When all the paperwork piles up over time, it can get quite messy and complicated. 

The information may get redundant and may also be quite difficult to handle without errors. It is also difficult to handle all this information as and when required. Managing large piles of paperwork is also a waste of resources for companies and organizations. 

Field inspections are a part of many industries such as Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Heavy Machinery, Telecom, Electricity, etc. In these lines of business, many field officers have to carry out line and field inspections every day. Mobile apps are much easier for such employees than maintaining log books or inspection reports in tons of folders. 

Mobiles Apps for Field Data Collection

A data collection app is an application developed keeping in mind the various needs for data management and capturing when it comes to field inspections. Every single day, many field officers and employees work towards gathering information that is important to be tabulated and validated. This task becomes much easier with a handheld device such as a mobile phone or tablet. 

Some very exciting and resourceful apps in the market today come with customizable interfaces that can adapt to the company’s requirements when conducting an inspection. Some pre-installed forms and checklists can be created as per the requirement of the company that helps field officers in simply checking or filling in wherever required. 

Instead of carrying numerous files and paperwork, a simple handheld device can capture all relevant data and make it easy to retrieve the information later on. The data can be tabulated and neatly stacked away on private servers.