Navigating Through the City: Quick Guide in Using 

Map apps are a common necessity for people who love to travel and explore foreign lands. But with the help of technology, navigating through a foreign country has been made easier with map apps on our smartphones. Though some of these maps can only be reliable sources of navigation if you are connected to an internet connection, and besides that, you also need a decent amount of RAM so that your phone doesn’t lag when the maps load. Unfortunately if you have a slow phone you can’t just upgrade your RAM like you would when you are using a computer. The problem isn’t about ram compatibility, it’s just that most phones were not designed to have replaceable RAM.

Also having a bad and unreliable internet connection will render your online map apps completely useless as they will be inaccurate, and ultimately get you lost. This is the time when we turn our heads to offline maps, which are accurate and reliable, even without connecting to the internet. 

So, we present to you, an offline map app that isn’t known by many people because of the popularity that Apple Maps and Google maps have acquired through the years. But make no mistake, is still a reliable source of navigation, which will point you in the right direction and take you to the most favorable route. 

What is is underrated, but an efficient and reliable GPS navigation app where you can download a certain map of a place and view it without using an internet connection. It can be downloaded even if you are using a Blackberry, an iOS device, or an Android device. It is completely free of any charge that would give you accurate directions even when you’re offline.

This offline map app is very convenient to have, especially when you don’t know how to navigate in a foreign place, and your internet connection is completely unreliable. You can download this app by searching it on your corresponding app store, and you will get free access to GPS navigation and maps offline. Here are some ways on how to use 

Downloading Offline Maps

If you plan to go on your dream vacation, but you’re not familiar with the place, and you don’t know whether the internet connection would be reliable or not, then you should just download the map of the place you’re planning to go on vacation. Press on the “Download Maps” button and add it to your offline collection.

You will then get a fully functioning map of the place even without having any internet connection. All you need is just the GPS on your smartphone. It is a very convenient tool, especially when you’re out of mobile data or in a location where there is no reliable internet source.

Getting Direction from Point A to Point B

You can have up to two search bars by choosing the arrow-shaped button in the middle of the two circles beside the magnifying glass search icon located on the bottom part of your screen. With this, you can type in your desired starting point and ending point of your target location, and it will give you directions for the area. 

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Like any other navigation app, also gives you the turn-by-turn feature. The direction given by the app is usually the fastest route to your desired location, but the app doesn’t put into consideration tolls, hills, and traffic. There are still a lot of features that would surely entice you in using as your navigational app.

First is it includes speed cameras on the navigation. Second, the most important reason why this is favored by a lot of people is that you don’t need an internet connection to use

Advantages of Using Maps.Me is fine with what it does, and what it does is give you an accurate and reliable navigation app for you to use. Another reason is that it has the ability to keep a map of a certain location forever, even when you’re not connected to an internet connection. As we have said, this is very convenient when you’re in a place with no internet connection.

In addition to that, there are other various amenities and abilities that has like letting your family and friends know where your exact location is, even if they don’t have access to the app. This makes an excellent map app that people will use greatly.

Since there are a lot of people who contribute to this app’s development, we are sure that this is a reliable source of navigation that would provide you with accurate directions, distances, coordinates, and offline access to maps. With this app, every place on earth is accessible, and you surely won’t lose your way to your desired location.


The next time you go abroad or go to another city that you are not very familiar with, don’t forget to download the maps on for you to have offline access to the area. So, we hope that this helped in a small way with your next big adventure to a foreign land after the pandemic is over.