Perfecting the Business Options: Your Deals Now

In this way, the mass media (TV ads, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.) attract your customers to your points of sale or to contact you via phone or internet. And, in fact, we can say that this is more about marketing than sales.

The Perfect Deals

In order for a good salesperson to find customers, he needs to generate leads, that is: get in touch with potential customers, get their data and then go on to conquer. To do this, he must research the market and the company’s internal sales data to create a profile of his potential customers. Then, detail this profile, for example small companies that need IT consulting services or, in the case of final consumers, middle-class couples with teenage children who seek internet solutions at home.

These are examples to inspire you. Now, a list of companies or people that meet this profile should be made, through their business relationships, their customer portfolios, union and association websites, social networks, etc. Before calling or getting in touch, find out more about each one and present the solutions of your company that can best serve you. The use for the roadmap tools is essential there.

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Another way to get leads is the so-called content marketing, in which interesting content is created on the internet (on blogs and social networks), attracting customers with the desired profile and who want access to this information. In exchange for more complete materials, such as e-books, tutorials or free periods to try software in the cloud, for example, the seller can get the contact details of these customers.

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Sales strategy to win customers

Now that the company already has its customer lists, managed to attract them to the points of sale or get in touch, it is time to meet their needs and show that the solutions offered by your company can solve their problems.

Now is the time to use sales and negotiation techniques. The main focus is always to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, understand their needs and offer products and services that they really need. Two main tips are very important:

  • Good salespeople listen more and speak less
  • Good salespeople don’t push sales, but “pull” purchases

To further train yourself in winning customers, read this post carefully: The 6 steps that will show you how to be a super salesman . Use and abuse these tips to win customers.

Sales strategies to retain customers and to increase sales to customers won

These two strategies are usually used together, as the basis of its success is relationship marketing and the use of a strategic CRM, aided by information technology.

Basically, the company must know its customers deeply and anticipate their needs, offering:

  • The right offer
  • For the right customer
  • On the right time
  • For the right price
  • Through the right channel

Sales strategy

Exceed your customers’ expectations and they will buy more and more

This sales strategy aims to exceed customer expectations, surprising them all the time and making them realize that the company cares about them, is always following their needs and offering the best solutions constantly. The goal is to retain and make your customers loyal, people who admire your company, not only buying your products and services, but also promoting your business to friends and relatives.