Pie Launcher – Android Launcher for free

Our smartphones have become an integral accessory for us today. Most of us carry it around as a status symbol, just like you would wear a luxury watch, or wear some branded clothes or shoes. The higher end smartphones can cost a limb and a half these days, especially due to chip shortages that have been plaguing the market in recent days.

Unfortunately for, any of us, these high-end smartphones are temporarily out of our reach, so we have to be happy with the much cheaper ones, that come with limited features and generic looks. Many people have taken it upon themselves to build apps, to help this unlucky lot to come up with new ways to customize their devices and help each person show out their individuality through their devices.

Pie Launcher is one such app that has been updated even recently to cater to the needs of young people the world over. As the company says it has been developed taking inspiration from the Android launcher, but with many more exciting and useful features. Once you download the app, and open it, the app will request your permission to allow it to be the default home app, and once you select it, you are in for a treat. You will be able to appreciate that your device has undergone a drastic but pleasant makeover, with a long list of new tools, to help you customize your device.

Features of Pie Launcher

On the Homepage, you are shown a Google search bar at the top.

When you swipe upwards, you are shown all the apps on your device in alphabetical order, with a search bar at the top, for quick access to the particular app you require.

Toolbox: comes with a wide variety of tools, to help you maneuver through your phone with ease.

App Manager: Manage all your Android apps and games in one place.

Battery: shows you the percentage of battery remaining and for how long, along with the temperature, and gives you the option to optimize the battery.

Hide Apps: gives you a safe place to hide certain apps from prying eyes.

Boost: allows you to boost your device, by freeing up space in your device RAM, with just one tap of this icon.

Theme: allows you to choose from an array of themes to change the device theme according to your mood.

Shuffle: a quick way to change your wallpaper within a few seconds. All it takes is one tap.

Effect: provides you with exciting features, such as allowing you to choose an image to appear at the point you tap on the screen, or the transition style between pages, or the edge of your screen and so on.

System folder: places all system apps into one folder.

Other features are App Usage Stats, Kids Mode, Junk Cleaner, Eye Protection, Round Corner, DIY Wallpaper.

Some Android launcher may lag or does not run smoothly as you want. You can use Android boosters and junk cleaners to solve this issue. First download Clean Master apk or Nox Cleaner apk. Then click on boost button to speed up your Android.

Install Pie Launcher

Using AC Market is the best way to install apps and games that are not in play store. You can use Happymod or AC Market app to install Pie launcher on any Android phone or tablet for free. First download Happymod apk and use its search feature to find this application. Simple as using play store app.