The Best Step-by-Step Guide to Ask Your Boss to Work Remotely

Many companies realize the benefits of remote working after the covid 19 pandemic. As people are settling to live with the virus, businesses are opening the doors gradually. If you still insist upon continuing the remote working, you might convince your boss with the right approach. A Zoom meeting in this regard will help in exploring the options.

Your approach 

The following approach can help in convincing your boss to ‘work from home’ or telework:

Prepare the list 

  • Network connectivity – If your employer implements VPS, you should chalk out the modality to access the VPS from home.
  • Requirements of special tools – The organization would like to use special tools to track your work. On the other hand, you might want to access special software work with your peers. A clear strategy to overcome the issue should be explained to your boss.
  • Supervision of other workers – If you are entrusted with other workers’ supervision, how you are going to accomplish the task should be explained to your boss.

Formal proposal 

Before creating the proposal, you should be convinced and willing to work from home. The benefits of remote working should be explained to your supervisor. You should be able to convince your manager about the enhancement of the work efficiency through remote work. Hence, the proposal should have the following inputs:

  • Your interest in working from home – Unique challenges you should explain the reason to work from home.
  • Your past performance – Your past performance and work record at the employer should be presented to the employer.
  • Efficiency during the COVID 19 pandemic – If you had participated in the remote working during the COVID 19 pandemic, even though for a short while, you should present your success story.
  • Actual plan – Your actual schedule or outline to continue the ‘work from home’ should be presented with great clarity.

A formal meeting with the manager 

A formal meeting with the manager, either face-to-face or video conferencing, should be arranged to discuss your need for remote working. If the employer is not entirely convinced, you can propose a trial run. In some cases, your employer may need more time to look into your proposal. In such a case, you should do further follow up until you get a nod from the employer.


Working from home involves coping with various kinds of distractions, and you should be able to resolve communication issues. You should take steps to be motivated all through the day. With the workexaminer employee monitoring software, employers are able to extend ‘remote working’ in the post-pandemic era.