Internet Marketing

Top healthcare marketing trends for 2020

The healthcare industry is facing fierce competition as patients are demanding better services that improve the quality of their life. To combat this competition here are some healthcare marketing trends to be followed:

  1. Content marketing: Savvy healthcare providers have been leveraging digital content as a tool to educate and attract patients.
  2. Zero click search: People seeking general health information tend to avoid extensive research and go for a zero-click search. This optimization of featuring small snippet contents is highly beneficial.
  3. Digital video: Many people prefer watching videos over reading an article or a blog. Thus, target your patient with video of physicians to educate them.
  4. Expense on programmatic display: The regulatory laws have restricted the advertisement of healthcare services and pharmaceutical products but company investing in e-marketing can expect huge returns.
  5. Quality and intent of content: Google I evolving day by day to provide refined results to the searchers. Thus, ensure your content is solely targeted for your patients to get noticed.
  6. Dedicated website: People who believe in authentic sources are likely to avoid Google searches and jump to medical resource sites like WebMD, health grade, Zocdoc, etc. Ensure the presence of your brand on these sites to attract patients.
  7. Embrace social media: Leveraging this tool is most important to communicate with potential patients.
  8. Facebook advertising: Investing largely on Facebook advertising can gain your advantage in the healthcare industry.
  9. Reputation management: If your brand has a trustworthy reputation in the market it will make your path easier.
  10. New electronic tools: Healthcare marketing trends has focused on providing the e-chat platform and online bill payment modes to increase the user interface with the customers.
  11. Digital experience: Slow sites are a big no thus make sure your page delivers faster results.
  12. Telemedicine: Its market is growing rapidly with an increase in providing medical care and patient engagement.