Web Hosting

Web Hosting – More than Just Online Storage

A common misconception among online business owners is that their web hosting service only serves to store their website on the Internet. The truth is most hosting services offer a plethora of other features and tools that can help you to fully optimize your website at no additional cost.

One very useful services that good web hosts offer is the monitoring and recording of downtime, which is when your website becomes unavailable to the public. They understand that lots of downtimes directly result in loss of sales and therefore make a strong effort to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Web hosts also offer similar services to web designers and a little bit more. In fact, web designers usually work on behalf of web hosts, doing part of the work and handing the rest over to its partner company. Since web design tools and features are usually included in web hosting services, it generally makes more sense to stick with a web host for all your web design needs.

Most web hosts offer a wide variety of templates and customization tools to personalize your website on your own, or with assistance. This kind of flexibility is valuable to small business owners who don’t have a lot of money to pay web designers for the time it takes them to tweak websites to their personal preferences, as well as their clients’ preferences.

If a web designer offers a discount or free web hosting service in their quotation, you should ask for all the features included in the hosting service and then check out how much it would cost for a web host with a similar package. In many cases, designers increase their own rates in order to accommodate the price of a hosting service.

Another invaluable feature most web hosts offer is the ability to upgrade to better bandwidth, more space, and other such technical upgrades, which is something most people would normally hire a web designer to do as it takes additional web design to properly upgrade any website.

In many cases, web hosting services can eliminate the need for web designers by providing you with all the tools you need to initiate the development of your website, as well as provide you with the option to expand if and when necessary. Having total control over these aspects and cutting out the middlemen are great ways of saving a lot of money.