Which Bluetooth Mouses are Easy to Use?

The probability of interference to Bluetooth devices on the market is high at present. But it is not a problem to use it in general scenes. Bluetooth Mouse will not have too many problems under normal operation. In terms of power consumption, Bluetooth’s power dissipation is lower than 2.4 G. The endurance of the mouse is strong.

Laptop is perfect with Bluetooth Mouse. But if you use a 2.4 G mouse with a computer, you need to take up a USB socket. But laptops do not have as many USB interfaces as desktop computers. Bluetooth Mouse can save interfaces and avoid the loss of 2.4 G receivers. If the receiver is lost, it can only be replaced completely. Here are some Bluetooth mouses worth buying for office use.

  1. Lenovo Howard
    This mouse supports Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 G communication modes. It can connect two PCs at the same time. The design of the mouse is symmetrical. It can be controlled by both left and right hands. The shape of the mouse is round and suitable for different grip methods.
  2. DELUX M618
    DELUX M618 series is a vertical mouse series with high cost performance at present. It has a number of different sizes for you to choose from. There are different sizes for palms of different sizes. When holding the vertical mouse, your wrist can be naturally stretched. Thus, it can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. If you hold the mouse for a long time, you may consider this mouse.

If you want your mouse to support Bluetooth and be used in high-demand games such as FPS, you can consider wireless/Bluetooth dual-mode mouse. The dual mode mentioned here refers to the wireless technology developed by individual merchants on the basis of 2.4 G. The delay performance may be lower than that of wired. These two models are recommended here.

  1. Razer Basilisk X
    This mouse supports HyperSpeed and Bluetooth dual-mode communication. HyperSpeed is ultra-low delay communication technology. It solves the delay problem caused by wireless. The mouse is also equipped with PAW3369 sensor. It can support up to 16000DPI, 450IPS and 40G acceleration. It is suitable for both game and office. It can be charged and has a long endurance.
  2. Logitech GPW
    This mouse is Logitech G series mouse. You can see it in page or website related to the mouse. Except Bluetooth connection, the rest are the top configurations and sensors in the game mouse. It is a mouse with delicate hand feeling, comfortable grip and high cost performance.

The above is the knowledge related to the mouse and the recommendation of the mouse with high cost performance. You can refer to it when purchasing the mouse. I hope this article can help you.