Why Online Learning Is Preferred Now-a-days?



Today world is moving towards increased interaction and personalization in every way, therefore education is also an important sector that builds the foundation of future leaders, it also needs to follow the suit. It is a very challenging and tough task, as we are well aware that generally in schools the teacher to student ratio on average is 1:40, hence it becomes difficult for the teachers to personalize the learning for each student. Therefore, schools usually follow one standard solution approach i.e. standardizing the explanations and assessments for all students. Since the class size is large, teachers typically follow the show and tell method for teaching concepts. As a result, students get bored and do not actively take part in the learning process and thus they gain only theoretical knowledge through “rote learning’. While intuitions, though the class size is small and the scenario is slightly different, the core problem is the same. The teacher demonstrates how to solve sums, makes homework and assessments which is the same for students across all the batches. Most of the tutors don’t have band-with to offer tailored practice to the students or proper tools so that the weaker areas of students can be improved.

Importance of Online Learning

In the last few years, the E-Learning apps have tried to fill this gap and tried to remove some problems and fixed it by- replacing textbooks with videos, focuses on doubt solving, tracks the students throughout, etc. The human interaction between teacher and student, peer to peer learning is missing in the asynchronous app is missing. The concept of Lido classes has minimized or reduced this gap, as the connection between teacher and student is critical for successful learning, as in lido classes the teachers provide excellent coaching, mentorship, and easy, perfect doubt solving procedures. Highly knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled teachers build best class content that matches with school curriculum perfectly and delivers in most exciting and in an interactive format in their live classrooms equipped with live quizzes and amazing videos. A small group format of six students is made so that the students can easily ask their doubts and can build meaningful relationships with their talented and expert Lido teachers. With everything in the world, there are both pros and cons associated with it, similarly, lido learning is best but child safety is also important in online learning and there are excellent safety measures which must be followed as mentioned in

Excellent Qualities of Online Learning

There are countless amazing qualities of Lido learning which includes various parameters; it provides the best holistic and adaptive learning to their students. The highly experienced teachers have created the best content for their students, best assessments; through their deep research teachers have made best practice problems. Once the students start using lido, they get all the necessary resources, best practice sets; excellent explanation videos, etc. are available on this single platform. The teachers can easily track individual student learning and can customize their homework, remedial help, additional practice, and challenges to target students, where each student needs help. The classrooms are both live and interactive, each student gets personalized attention by the teachers when it comes to mentoring, coaching, and doubt-solving. The live classrooms are led by well trained, qualified teacher coach having their peer group of a similar level of achievement. Here in lido classes, the teacher to student to ratio is 1:6. Through lido learning, students do not get bored, do not drab text-books, and takes an interest in learning as there are real-world examples, immersive storylines, live quiz contests, etc.