Work in A Secure Environment: Cyber Security with Work Examiner!

Over the last 10 months, the concept of remote working has established itself as a vital part of daily life. The Covid pandemic has altered the way businesses run and companies along with employees have made the necessary changes in their working schedule and manner of working. The work from home is a reality and the good part is that it has worked well for many countries and companies. Employees have been able to embrace the use of technology to work from home effectively and deliver performance as per the expectations of their bosses.

Indeed, the digital way of working has been a success, thanks to the availability of broadband internet and quick assimilation of technology by the employees. However, there are also some concern areas related to this kind of technology. The possibilities of many types of cybercrimes, data breach, cyber-attacks have all presented fresh challenges to overcome.

Predictably, there has been increase in cybercrimes and many people have had to face the ignominy of losing valuable money due to credit card leaks. Due to cyber-attacks, lot of vital personal information of customers have been compromised and therefore the need to work in an environment that is secure is extremely important. Can find more info here

It is important to know how to maintain top cyber-security. The information stored by companies, financial institutions, medical institutions and the like are vast, valuable and time sensitive. There is need to do the following:

a) Maintain network security by protecting the network from any hacking possibilities through adequate firewall systems.

b) Maintain application security by ensuring restricted access and using encryption technology.

c) Maintain remote access security by protecting the end-user network, applications accordingly so that they are not compromised.

d) Maintain data security by encryption methods and proper access protocols.

e) Have identification verification procedures in place by collecting and maintaining as much employee information as possible.

f) Have or make arrangements for cloud storage. This is a nonphysical environment and the chances of hackers getting into it is minimised to a great extent.

g) Have workforce management and data protection software like Remote Desk or WorkExaminer SaaS. These software work on the AI mode and are able to monitor employee activity when they work from remote locations.

The use of such workforce management and data protection software reduces the possibility of insiders committing data breach and prevents company information from getting leaked. It also ensures employees stick to policy compliance when working from home. More info can find here